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April 22, 2007

QotD: Word Choice

Danny picked up an interesting take on the foes of the Semantic Web from Morten Frederiksen. I was surfing that way today and noticed this gem in the latest comment from Keith Alexander:

Perhaps the word that causes the trouble isn’t Semantic, but The?

I believes in an ultimate goal similar to that of Tim Berners-Lee and also that of the Linking Open Data SWEO community project. But I also see tremendous value in the adoption of Semantic Web technologies within enterprise applications and in limited, narrowly-scoped corners of the Internet and intranets. To me, it's clear that these goals are not incompatible with each other. But I do find myself constantly juggling the appropriate use of the phrases the Semantic Web and Semantic Web technologies depending on my audience. There's a lot of signifiance and (dare I say?) semantics in that innocent-looking three-letter word...