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June 5, 2008

The Open Anzo Command Line Interface

We're continuing to work feverishly at Cambridge Semantics, and one of the main focal points of our efforts is the upcoming (later this year) release of Open Anzo 3.0. In February I wrote a bit about the core client APIs that we've stabilized for this release. Today, I wanted to share a huge development-productivity aid that uses the Anzo.java client implementation: a feature-rich command-line client.

Joe Betz, who added and announced the new command line interface a few weeks ago, also wrote an excellent guide to getting setup and using the client. I heartily recommend the guide, but to whet your appetite, here's an example interaction with the CLI client. (This interaction occurs after the install and configuring of default settings for the client, as given in the guide. It also assumes a running Anzo server (as per the "Quick Start" section in the guide).)