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May 27, 2007

Jane Heller of the New York Times is the Lamest Sports Fan Ever

...and you know me: I'd love to use this as an occasion to make fun of the Yankees, but it's really not. It's just an occasion to point out that, holy cow, Jane Heller of the New York Times is the lamest sports fan ever.

I gave it everything I have. I am sick and tired of the “I trieds” and the “What do you expect me to dos?” I’ve been begging for answers and all I have gotten are platitudes. Enough is enough.

And so I am divorcing the New York Yankees — all 25 men on the active roster, in addition to the manager, the coaches and the general manager. Oh, and the trainer, too. And, of course, the owner and all his baseball people.

Read the whole thing.

May 25, 2007

This Entry is Worth 29,000 Words

Please enjoy the pictures from my week in Banff. (Here's two just to whet your appetite.)

Banff scenery    Banff scenery

May 14, 2007

On Giuliani, the Yankees, and Corruption

This entire article (yes, Dodzie, all six pages), is well worth reading.

The Yankees' Clean-up Man:

The greatest love affair of Rudy Giuliani's life has become a sordid scandal.

His monogamous embrace of the Yankees as mayor was so fervent that when he tried to deliver a West Side stadium to them early in his administration, or approved a last-minute $400 million subsidy for their new Bronx stadium, New Yorkers blithely ascribed the bad deals to a heaving heart.

It turns out he also had an outstretched hand.

May 8, 2007

Banff: Early Impressions

(For now in the personal blog, until I have some technical content to write about.)

Ben and I are in Banff to attend WWW2007 (and, in my case, the W3C AC meeting as well). We arrived yesterday after two ahead-of-schedule flights, only to have our car rental delayed because the online reservation system neglected to book the car we asked it for. Eventually we got on the road, except to get from the Calgary airport to Canada's Route 1 requires a lengthy trip through less-than-beautiful parts of Calgary (parts that include two Chili's and one Tony Roma's, among other things).

We finally reached the interstateprovince, and enjoyed the beautiful and imposing approach of the mountains as we drew nearer to the the Rockies. We got into town (Banff) around 4 in the afternoon, and headed out to find a bite to eat. After being turned away at a restaurant with a closed kitchen and no remaining reservations for their upcoming lobster dinner, we ended up at the Rose and Crown Pub. We ended up eating our first meal of the day on a second floor patio with sweeping vistas of the mountains surrounding the town. The sun warmed our faces as we inhaled both the cool mountain air and the hearty pub food. Spectacular.

We walked around town a bit, with Ben playing the role of the nagging wife (wanting to go clothes shopping constantly) and Lee playing the role of the Japanese tourist (wanting to take pictures of everything). (OK, that's one of the more stereotyped sentences I've ever blogged. But I digress.) We headed back to the hotel room for a nap, and then back out to walk around town more, taking advantage of the extremely late sunset. (Not quite Edinburgh in June, but close.) We met up with some W3C folks at their rented house and hung out there for a bit. We grabbed a quick bite to eat (not hungry enough for a full dinner), and headed back for the night.

Today, Ben went skiing and I've attended the first day of the AC meeting. All's well. Just wanted to update and share a couple of pictures. (They're processed with Picasa which I don't really know how to use, so nicer pictures will come once I'm back home.)