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February 3, 2007

Not Quite the Same Thing

(I bet he thinks I forgot to post this. Well, I didn't!)

While at lunch with my coworkers the other day, I was explaining to Sean that while I finished one of my bottles of limoncello, I had picked up a new bottle over New Year's, and so I still had plenty in stock. Wing pipes up:

Wing: Yeah, you need to finish it by April, right?
Lee: Hmm?
Wing: You need to finish it by Passover?
Lee: What are you talking about, Wing?
Wing: Wait: what's the name of what you drink at Passover?

Yes, that's right, gentle reader, Wing had mistaken limoncello for Manischewitz. Quite the case of mistaken identity.

limoncello    Manischewitz
Limoncello and Manischewitz: Definitely not separated at birth.