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March 27, 2007

QotD: On Opening Day

Ben Szekely, on the excitement surrounding baseball's upcoming opening day:

It's like having a great TV show to look forward to every day. And it's three hours long.

Well said, Ben, well said.

March 6, 2007

Brian and Marcy: Together Again, For the First Time

Life is easy when you're around people you've known and been friends with forever. You've seen each other's best, and you've seen each other's worst. There's nothing left to be embarassed about and nothing worth boasting about. Nothing surprises and nothing disappoints. Old friends are comfortable; they warm the soul, and they soothe the spirit. Around them, all is laughter, reminiscence, and togetherness.

And when two old friends marry each other, it is a noteworthy occasion indeed. To be sure, it is a most joyous celebration, the likes of which we see far too rarely as we beat back the often dreary days of our lives. But more than that, it is special in its normalcy. It is normal to have these people in our lives, and to have them wedded is as comfortingly normal as to share a beer at the local bar. There may be a name change, but there's no sea change. We cry and laugh and celebrate, but we remain unchanged as fast friends, and we anticipate the next special moment of normalcy that we will share, together.

together again for the first time

Brian and Marcy: many happy returns, for all of us.

Enjoy all the pictures of Brian and Marcy's wedding weekend.

A Summertime Visit from Julia (August, 2006)

I have many pictures that have languished unseen for far too long. For the moment, enjoy these pictures (mostly) of Julia from the Marshalls' visit to Boston last summer. A few tastes:

Julia poses    Lee pushing Julia in a swing

Enjoy all the pictures of Julia's visit.

March 4, 2007

It's the *applause* that gets me

I haven' t blogged in a while. Going to try to get back in the habit, perhaps with short, less polished entries.

Ann Coulter is a crackhead, and made a crackhead remark about John Edwards's sexuality at the 2007 Conservative Political Action Conference. You shouldn't care about that.

What you should care about is the reaction of the audience. I didn't hear any boos or hisses in the relatively large audience following her slur. I heard some surprise, than some delirious, hooting laughter mixed with substantial applause. And as far as I can tell this isn't a conference attended by your garden-variety wackos, either. At least, both last year and this year CPAC has featured a lineup of mostly intelligent, reputable, and main-line conservatives.

The audience laughed; the audience cheered. Disgusting.