ODO: Semantic Web libraries in Perl

My colleague Stephen Evanchik has announced the release of ODO, part of the IBM Semantic Layered Research Platform:

ODO is an acronym for "Ontologies, Databases, and Optimizations," which are the three items I was most interested in experimenting with at the time. They were also the three categories of functionality I couldn't find in the existing Perl RDF libraries. ODO is still evolving and I have some more features to push out but right now it supports:

  • Nodes, statements and graph backed by memory
  • RDFS and OWL-Lite to Perl code generators
  • Queries using RDQL with SPARQL on its way
  • RDF/XML and NTriple parsers

The second point on that list is our Perl analog of the Jastor project, which generates Java code for RDF data access from OWL ontologies.