Announcing: Boca 1.8 - new database support

While I've been writing dense treatises on Semantic Web development, Matt's been hard at work on the latest release of Boca. Matt's announcement of Boca 1.8 carries all the details as well as a look at what Boca 2.0 will bring. Amidst the usual slew of bug fixes, usability improvements, and performance fixes, the major addition to Boca is support for three new databases beyond DB2. Boca now also runs on MySQL, PostgreSQL, and HSQLDB. Cool stuff.

In other Semantic Layered Research Platform news, we're working towards pushing out stable releases(with documentation and installation packaging) of two more of our components: Queso (Atom-driven Web interface to Boca) and DDR (binary data repository with metadata-extractor infrastructure to store metadata within Boca). We're hoping to get these out by the middle of February, so stay tuned.