Announcing: Open Anzo 2.5 released

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As promised, the Open Anzo project has released version 2.5 of the Anzo enterprise RDF store. Version 2.5 is a stable release with a collection of bug fixes and new features since the fork from Boca. The release notes enumerate the additions, improvements, and changes, but here are some of the more significant ones:

  • Add Oracle database support
  • Add GROUP BY clause and COUNT(*) to Glitter SPARQL engine (more on this in a separate post, but along the lines of what exists in ARQ, Virtuoso, and RAP)
  • Query performance improvements against both named graphs and metadata graphs
  • Extensive Javadocs for all public classes, interfaces, methods, and member variables

Things you can do:

  • Download and install Open Anzo: release 2.5, nightly snapshots, or the source from SVN
  • Learn from the Open Anzo wiki
  • View open tickets showing some of what's coming
  • Join the Open Anzo development community
  • Peruse the Anzo 2.5 Javadocs

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Exciting news Lee! I will give it a test drive again.