Gathering SPARQL Extensions

I realized that I hadn't blogged a pointer to the compilation of SPARQL extensions that I've created on the ESW wiki. Quoting myself:

Over the DAWG's lifetime (and since publication of the SPARQL Recommendations in January), there have been many important features that have been discussed but did not get included in the SPARQL specifications. I -- and many others -- hope that many of these topics will be addressed by a future working group, though there are no concrete plans for such a group at this time.

In the interest of cataloging these extensions and encouraging SPARQL developers to seek interoperable implementations of SPARQL extensions, I've created:

That page links to individual pages for (currently) 13 categories of SPARQL extensions. Each of those pages, in turn, discusses the relevant type of SPARQL extension and attempts to provide links to research, discussion, and implementations of the extension.

I also plan to use this list to help encourage user- and implementor-driven discussion of these extensions over the coming months. Again, the goal is to allow SPARQL users to make known what features are most important to them and also to allow implementations to seek common syntaxes and semantics for SPARQL extensions. (All of this, in the end, should help a future working group charter a new version of SPARQL and produce a specification that allows for interoperable SPARQL v2 implementations.)

It's a wiki. Please add references that are not there, new topics, or discussions of existing topics. (I've tried to reuse existing ESW Wiki pages for some topics that already had discussion.)

Where I say "this list" above, I mean Please subscribe if you're interested in discussing any or all of these potential SPARQL extensions.