Semantic Web tutorial

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Last week, Eric Prud'hommeaux and I presented a tutorial on Semantic Web technologies at the Conference on Semantics in Healthcare & Life Sciences (C-SHALS). It was a four-hour session covering an intro to RDF, SPARQL, GRDDL, RDFa, RDFS, and OWL, mostly in the context of health care (patients' clinical examination records) and life sciences (pyramidal neurons in Alzheimer's Disease, as per the W3C HCLS interest group's knowledgebase use case). We reprised the GRDDL and RDFa sections yesterday in a whirlwind 15-20 minute talk at yesterday's Cambridge Semantic Web gathering.

Enjoy the slides. I'd welcome any suggestions so that the slides can be enhanced and reused (by myself and others) in the future.

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Hi Lee, I am very interested in your work in the semantic space, especially its use in the health care domain, is it possible that you could share the slides with me? It seems to be password protected. Thanks!