Semantic Web Landscape - 2009

I’m currently on a bit of a whirlwind trip to beautiful Lucerne to present a Semantic Web tutorial at the SIG meeting preceding the PRISM Forum meeting.

For the tutorial, I put together about 150 slides that act as a survey of the current landscape of Semantic Web technologies and tools. It’s aimed to give an audience some motivation for Semantic Web technologies, and to provide a tour through most Semantic Web technologies. It’s not a “how to” tutorial—it’s more of a “here’s what this Semantic Web thing is all about” tutorial.

Anyway, I thought the slides might be interesting to other people and/or helpful to other presenters. Since I cribbed a bunch of material from some other people, it’s only fair that other people be free to do the same with my slides.

I’m always eager for feedback and suggestions to improve the tutorial material.