Cambridge Semantics @ SemTech 2009

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I’m looking forward to this year’s Semantic Technology Conference in San Jose the week of June 14-18. I saw lots of fantastic sessions at last year’s SemTech and met tons of great people, and I imagine that this year will be even better. My colleagues at Cambridge Semantics and I will be giving a few talks, running the gamut from tutorial to technology survey to project report to our vision of how to build practical semantic solutions:

  • SPARQL By Example tutorial. I’ll be giving this half-day tutorial on Monday afternoon. We’ll use actual SPARQL queries that can be run on the (public) Semantic Web today as a means to learning SPARQL from the ground up.
  • Making Sense of Spreadsheets in Merck Basic Research. Jaime Melendez of Merck and I will be giving this talk bright and early on Tuesday morning. We’ll be reporting on the results of a joint innovation project that we completed last year using our Anzo software to address several challenges facing Merck basic research.
  • Enterprise Scalable Semantic Solutions in Five Days. Mike Cataldo will be talking later Tuesday morning about how Anzo makes use of semantic technologies to help our customers build practical, production-ready solutions in a matter of days.
  • Faceted Browsing Tools. Jordi Albornoz will be talking on Tuesday afternoon about the power and simplicity of faceted browsing and semantic lens technologies. He’ll be comparing and contrasting Exhibit, Fresnel, and our own Anzo on the Web.

I know that people have been saying this for a few years now, but I keep seeing the Semantic Web taking significant steps forward both inside of and outside of corporate firewalls. I fully expect this year’s SemTech to reaffirm this point of view. If you’ll be in San Jose, come by some of our talks and see what I mean. We’ll also have a space in the exhibit hall, so you can come and say hi there as well. See you there!

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Will you be posting slides for these talks?

[Lee: Absolutely, though possibly not until during/after the conference. Watch this space :-) ]