Does anyone use SPARQL over SOAP?


The SPARQL Working Group would like to know if anyone uses SPARQL over SOAP. Please leave a comment if you do. (We know that several implementations support a SOAP implementation of the SPARQL protocol, but we don’t have much evidence that this part of such implementations is ever used.)



Sounds very interesting. Unfortunately I can't help you.

I'm planning to write my master thesis about RDF + REST with regards to creating evolvable systems. Therefore, I was wondering if you could point me to some papers for getting started. Since you are very close to the data access working group, I think you are the right person. Anything would be appreciated! At least, I would be very grateful.

I worked on a pre-SPARQL RDF query binding for Squish, using SOAP years ago. It was sort of cool but in practice, the HTTP REST bindings do all the same stuff and more.

Lately I find more value in XMPP for this, when I want to route queries to places that HTTP doesn't easily go (eg. behind NAT/Firewall), or when queries might return results much later. Would the WG be interested to suggest a path for progressing this work, eg ?

I tried to use the draft WSDL 1.1, as recommended on account of tool support (esp. soapui). Issues with that spec (reported) mean that what is going into production now is unlikely to interoperate with other code anyway.

I would welcome the W3C officially deprecating the SOAP binding and the WSDL 2.0, and also loudly obsoleting the draft WSDL 1.1, both in favour of REST.

We have implemented both client and server sides of the SPARQL over SOAP protocol using the WSDL 1.1 definitions as defined in the W3C Working Draft.

The protocol is in use currently in the implementation of an internal semantic web portal application.