Could SemTech Run On Excel? (SemTech Lightning Demo)


At SemTech a couple of weeks ago, I participated in the jam-packed lightning talk session, 90 minutes packed with 5-minute talks and moderated with great aplomb by Paul Miller. While most of the speakers presented pithy, informative, and witty slide decks, I opted to go a different route: I've long believed that some of the biggest value in Semantic Web technologies lies in their ability to dramatically change the timescales involved in traditional IT projects—to this end, I used my 5 minute slot to give a live demo of using our Anzo software suite to build a solution for running a conference such as SemTech using just Excel and a Web browser.

When I got back to Boston, I made a recording of the same lightning demo for posterity. Please enjoy it here and drop me a note if you have any questions or would like to learn more.

(Best viewed in full screen, 720p.)


Great, I always considered Anzo was one of the greatest tool showing the interest of semantic web in companies.
Students in my lectures always go "WOW" when I demo Anzo.
I believe Anzo has the potential to be one of the bowling alleys we need to cross the chasm in the adoption of semantic web standards.
Great work!

Nice Lee, I really like it! I passed this video around the office