Bank of America – Security through stupidity?

I can’t find my 1099-INT for my Bank of America accounts, so I logged onto BoA’s online banking, and used their Web interface to email customer service to request a duplicate copy. (They don’t make them available online, which is already strike one against them.) Since I was already logged into my account, my message to customer service was short:

I’d like to request a duplicate of my accounts’ 1099 form.

I received a response today. The gist of it was:

Dear Lee D Feigenbaum,

Thank you for your inquiry dated 2/21/09 regarding your -3825 form. We appreciate the opportunity to service your banking needs.

To ensure that the information we provide is correct and that any changes we make are according to your wishes, please reply to this e-mail with the following information:

  -Account last four numbers.

Of course, I didn't request a "-3825 form", I requested a "1099 form." And, of course, "3825" are the last four digits of my account number. (And of course I've changed them for this blog post.)

That's some great customer service there, Bank of America. Sigh.

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