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I still have one day to write up from our February trip to Orlando. The short of it is that on the last day Lynn and I went to Kennedy Space Center before heading to the airport, and it was great. We saw the rocket garden, the museum of early space exploration, and we took the bus tour that featured views of the launch pads, an exhibit of a Saturn V rocket, and labs where modules of the International Space Station are being assembled. My main regret was that the more personalized tour was sold out. I would have liked to have tried that out. OK, so now I don’t have to write that up anymore.

I wanted to share my favorite pictures from our trip. Some of you have already seen them (e.g. on Facebook), but I’ve been playing with a new photo gallery on my Web site, so I wanted to encourage you to take a look at it and let me know what you think. I’m eager for any suggestions and feedback, whether positive, indifferent, or negative. Thanks!

And if you’re really interested, for comparison’s sake:

(Once I’m happy with the new gallery, it will be completely replacing the old one; all old links will continue to work.)

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