Darts for the Bored

Brian and Marcy were visiting tonight, and after dinner at Tremont 647 (decent, but their Web site tricked us into thinking we could order off of the regular menu rather than the Restaurant Week menu which wasn't the case), we went to our local bar: Costello's (whoa, tripod.com!) on Centre St. There, we followed the lead of the last folks to use the dart board and first played a game of baseball.

Following that game (won by Marcy), we invented two new games of our own:

  1. Golf. Different from other darts games patterned after golf, our game involved writing the hole numbers on the scoreboard, and then shooting progressively at each number. For the first hole, your score is the number of darts that it takes to hit the number 1 on the board. If you hit it on the first dart, you score a 1. If you hit it on the third dart, your score is a 3. If when you hit it you do so with a double or a triple, you get -1 off your score. The best part of the game though, is that if you miss the current hole with all three of your darts, you're forced to experience the walk of shame. Go up to the dartboard, retrieve all three darts, and try again! We capped the scoring after six darts (for a score of 7), but more sadistic (and equally untalented) individuals could go on indefinitely.
  2. HORSE. Just like the playground basketball game, our darts HORSE game involved one player calling an accomplishment (with three darts) and then attempting to make it. If they made it, each of the other players attempted the same feat. Anyone failing it got a letter of HORSE and was eliminated when they received all five letters. The types of feats varied from simple things like "one 18" (out of the three darts) to "a double 14 and a single 18" to "one dart on the white, one on the red, and one on the black", to "three darts forming an acute triangle." (The latter caused Brian to exclaim: "No more of this geography [sic] bullshit!".)

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