The 2007 Mets: The Steve Bartman Reunion Tour?

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I'm sure we all remember the Steve Bartman incident from the 2003 NLCS. Bartman was a Cubs fan that knocked a foul popup away from the pursuing Cubs outfielder, allowing the Marlins to prolong a rally and eventually win the game and the series.

What most people don't remember--I didn't, at least--was who the other key participants in that infamous play were. The batter of the lazy foul ball was the Marlins second baseman, Luis Castillo. The left fielder chasing the ball was Moises Alou. And, of course, with the trade-deadline acquisition of Castillo, both are now key members of the 2007 Mets.

(Thanks to the Wikipedia entry for Luis Castillo for reminding me which players were involved in Bartman-gate. I doubt I'm the first to make this observation about the 2007 Mets, but I haven't seen it anywhere before.)

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The NY Times mentioned it when the Mets played the Cubs right after they got Castillo. The story ended:
"And here come Alou and Castillo, new teammates on the Mets, reminding Cubs fans that the most enduring curse in baseball now stands at 99 years." (NYT, 7/31/07)

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