Lynn @ 29


I interrupt my series of introspective posts to bring you this update on my beautiful wife:


Umm are you sure this is Lynn? Cause the Lynn I know has HUGE knockers...

Congrats! <3

Congratulations you two! Hope everything goes smoothly for Lynn! (And please post pictures!)

Mazel Tov!! I'm SO EXCITED to hear your wonderful news. Welcome to the club. Lynn, I hope you are feeling well and all goes smoothly. (We'll be keeping tabs on you through Donna.) Love, Judy

Great drawings! Mrs. Budnick would be proud!!

Mazel tov again! That was a very cute way of letting everyone know. I heard about the "Baby" menu at Peaches too. You guys are so clever. Love, Beth

LOL!! I love it. Congratulations you two beautiful people!!!


Congrats! That's so awesome.

whoop whoop!

who is this Jules making lewd comments about my daughter? i need some target practice!

Congratulations to you both! Very exciting!!!

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