You can call her Mrs. Walker?


(Call Lynn, that is.) …Just goes to show that the “obscenity ratio” is not a scientifically accurate metric.

Click to see him up close.

it's a boy


Does that mean we have to get him a pinball machine? Seriously, Mazel Tov (again) -- what wonderful news -- can't wait to meet him.

Hi Lee and Lynn:
Love the picture. But without the hints I never would have guessed the sex, oops I mean gender.

Your narration of your DW trip was great. Brought back many memories for me of our trip where my family met your family (also my family) down there November of when? 1989? But of course, we also saw every ladies room at DW, or so it seemed then.

Love to you both,
Aunt C.

Uncle Dennis and I knew the two of you could add some balance to this family. that's so great-congratulations-Grandpa is very, very happy!!! Love, Aunt Karen

She ate an ultrasound? Gross!

Congratulations Lynn & Lee - we are so happy for you!! When are you due? I will calling Grandma Donna very soon so she can kvell...!

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