Pregnancy in Real Life (or: When “Soon” becomes “Now”)

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Lynn pregnant at sunset

So it turns out that real life is really quite similar to what’s in my imagination.

There seem to be several universal truths to being pregnant. People will give you lots and lots of advice, most of which is useful, and a lot of which is not. (Yes, there’s so much advice that the minority of it which is not useful is still a lot!) People will begin to treat you a bit like an invalid. People will give up their seats on public transportation for you. And, inevitably, people will ask if you’ve taken pictures of the pregnant belly.

So Lynn and I have now taken two sets of belly photos. The first was in New Jersey at 26 weeks, and the second was at the Jamaica Pond earlier this week (31 weeks). Please enjoy all of the belly pictures, and in particular my favorite one, over there on the right.

1 Comment

HI- By coincidence I was wondering if you had recent pictures of Lynn on your website.
I guess I checked at just the right time.
Nice job with those silhouettes.
Hope to see more photos, since I don't know if we'll have a chance to see you in person in time (to see Lynn still pregnant). Miss you both.
Love, Aunt Charlotte

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